The journal of Johnathan Bled

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The journal of Johnathan Bled Empty The journal of Johnathan Bled

Post  Deathbanisher on Fri May 06, 2011 5:13 am

Can some one make a RP Topic please? so i dont have to put this in general discussion.

Well seeing how no one has came up with a history before the humans took over i decided to make one. All through the researcher i made up, Johnathan Bled.

The journal of Jonathan Bled.

Day 1: First day on Mage. Decided to not show myself to the inhabitants. Will make shelter.
Day 2: The night was horrible. The screams and shouts of the hideous creatures outside kept me up all night. Luckily I had my shelter build. Must find coal.
Day 5: Shelter is going good. I have plenty of food and water. I’ve also become quite a hunter. I have found out how to make arrows, but I have no bow and I need to find string. Must find.
Day 9: I’ve encountered a strange green beast. The damned thing chased after me! I got to my shelter, so I had a wall between me, and it.
Day 11: The damn thing is still there, its been 2 days since it chased me to my shelter, and it still haven’t moved. I decided to start a mine to gather materials and stone.
Day 15: I’ve gotten myself armored. I found enough iron to make iron armor and sword. Time to kill that damned green thing!
Day 16: My plan completely backfired. The green thing exploded the moment it got close to me, luckily I had armor! But my house wasn’t so fortunate, but I rebuilt it.
Day 20: I’m going to go hunt for string. I’ve seen Giant spiders, like the ones back home just larger, far larger. I could use their webs to make string.
Day 21: I’ve gotten my string. You wouldn’t believe these nights! There are undead all over.
Day 30: I’ve decided to make contact with the inhabitants of this crazy planet. I will leave in the morning.
To be continued…..

Will continue tomarrow.


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