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A division of the human military, Apox’s are genetic beasts the humans created to fight alongside them. 8ft in height, the giant monsters are trained in extreme combat. They are taught how to use swords, guns, planes, and other vehicles. Apox creatures have the unique ability to learn from watching other things instantly. With that ability they are able to learn magic, from the mages, by watching. Apox’s don’t have much of a magic ability so all they can do are simple spells. The creatures are equipped with full treated enhanced steel armor. Gun mounts on both shoulders, and a 5 ft long, wickedly, curved and sharp blade, give these beasts a great chance of winning against anything they may encounter.


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Where they are located:
Apox’s are located at the military base of mangus exercitus, latin for great army. Which all units are commanded by Aflexu-nesh, Deathbanisher, one of the first Apox’s.

Apox warriors Shouldermount

Sword of The Apox’s:
Gotta draw it first Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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